WebGPU Best Practices

I’ve written multiple articles that describe best practices for working with various aspects of the WebGPU API.

It should be noted that these pages are NOT a tutorial for getting started with WebGPU, and instead are focused on the most effective patterns for working with specific parts of the API, especially if you are a developer that’s familiar with WebGL or one of the native APIs. If you’re interested in learning WebGPU, check out the following resources first (and be sure to come back when you’ve figured out the basics!)

Best Practices


  • PIX - Covers using Microsoft PIX to debug and profile Chrome WebGPU pages on Windows.

I’ve also written a much, much longer article about efficiently displaying glTF files in WebGPU. It’s not necessarily a “best practices” doc, but it contains many useful WebGPU tips and patterns nonetheless, as well as working samples!